Disicide Plus+ Spray Refill, 1000 ml - Hairdays

Disicide Plus+ Spray Refill, 1000 ml

Disicide Plus+ Spray Refill, 1000 ml

Artnr: 6554
Lagerstatus: Lagervara

Disicide Plus+ spray refill , 1000 ml
Fort article 6552 and 6553. Ready to use!

Environmentally friendly biocidal product, water-based and solvent-free for indoor use. Safe for the user and can be used on all water-resistant and porous surfaces as well as textiles and leather.

Disicide Plus+ works against different types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and removes bad odours. Do not mix with
other agents asthis may negate the effectiveness. Proven effective against bacteria and viruses in accordance with
EU regulations EN 13697, EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 13624, EN 13727, EN 14562, EN 14476, EN 14561.

Areas for application: tables, chairs, decor, home, office, lounge, suntan beds, leather furniture, toilets, showers, bathtub, kitchen refrigerators, freezers, kitchen appliances, ice machines, cutting boards, metal surfaces, marble, glass, working shoes of different types of leather and fabrics, vehicle interior, ultra-sonic cleaners, etc.

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